Milady de Gamer

Let the Gaming Begin


I beat Super Mario World on my cousin’s SNES for the first time when I was three years old…a moment in time that shaped my future, where gaming became my number one priority, number one hobby, and number one love.

Fast forward 20 years, when the time has come to face the monsters Reality and Responsibility.

Since receiving my diploma, the hobby that remained number one has slipped through the cracks. This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!

The industry’s main target audience are gamers ages 18-24 and in a few days, I will begin my last year as a member of this crucial target audience. I refuse to lose to Reality and Responsibility in this manner! My most favorable pastime deserves so much more.

If I am to succumb to Reality and Responsibility, then on November 10th, I will make my final stand.


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